How can we learn, and thereby act, differently through our bodies?

Dorte Bjerre Jensen has been researching, practicing and teaching contact improvisation for more than 20 years.

Contact Improvisation (CI) is an open-ended, improvisation dance form where touch and weight sharing are a central. CI has no formal system of training, and no licenses. Through guided labs a group of participants explores aspects of movement. The participants attune to a curiosity of their own and shared bodies and minds through this live experience. In collectivity a new vocabulary is developed for articulating what is learned.

How do you know you aren’t improvising?
CI Modules 2020, January 2020

Module #1 Encounters and Proximity
How do we address our own bodymind, the (public) spaces around us and others due to the current situation with COVID-19? We will move and reflect upon questions such as: Who are we now? And what does it take to become aware of each other, space and ourselves? We will read articles reflecting upon the situation we are in now and create our own statements as a source of inspiration for movement material.

Module #2 Thinking Touch – Sharing Perspectives
This module takes point of departure of Chapter six in the book: Thinking Touch in Partnering and Contact Improvisation: Artistic, Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives 2020. Chapter six “Facilitating Thinking-Touch through Process Philosophy and Contact Improvisation” by Dorte Bjerre Jensen. 

Module #3 Erin Manning -Process Philosophy, the Phenomenology of the Body
We will move from and with Erin Manning’s writing (her book): Politics of Touch. Dorte Bjerre Jensen and philosopher Siliam Bjerre will share their views on the subject: dichotomies. 

Module #4 The History of CI
Through articles, documentaries and interviews we will get an idea of its development from the early seventies. 
Key words: CQ (Contact Quarterly), Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Judson Dance Theatre, Simone Forti, Nita Little, etc. 

Module #5 Steve Paxton and his work as a dancer, improviser, writer and chorographer
Steve Paxton: Drafting Interior Techniques 2019 is a recent book edited by Romain Bigé which gives a nice insight into his work through the eyes of those who worked with him. We will move, explore, listen and get inspired by his work. 

Module #6 Touch, Proximity and Sexuality/Intimacy
We will read, move and discuss several articles from CQ (Contact Quarterly) – a vehicle for moving ideas, within the subject CI and intimacy/sexuality. Another force of inspiration is Adrienne Maree Brown (American author, doula, women’s rights activist and black feminist).