Selected research


Research residency a Birca Bornholm

Virtual Performative Scores in a Time of a Pandemic.

Developing and researching a virtual performative research design PLRR (Personal Living Room Residencies) within the theme Intimacy: Tele-intimacy, Are You There?  

The Tate Modern, London. Facilitation and research. Sharing Perspectives.

Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting (EER). Art and science at work, research practices and artistic practices. A research collaboration between Interacting Minds Centre (IMC), Aarhus University and artist Olafur Eliasson. 

The Institute for the Study of Somatic Intelligence (ISSC), initiated by choreographer, scholar, writer/theorist, and activist Nita Little.

Global research in somatic communication and relational intelligence. A global network of research ensembles (CoLabs), CoLabs are connected to associate researchers from fields as Neuroscience, art, dance, micro-phenomenology.