Selected productions


How might we provide evidence of intimacy, especially when it is one of the least describable experiences in human life? The most intimate moment is the most difficult to describe!  
The film INTIMACY portrays an artistic virtual research on the subject INTIMACY. 
Will premiere at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2022. 
Concept by: Olivia Curt Mesa & Dorte Bjerre Jensen 
Dancers and choreographers: Olivia Curt Mesa & Dorte Bjerre Jensen 
See the teaser here

Performative Scores: The Chorography of a Pandemic

The score Greeting Cards – redefining the chorographic gesture greeting and the score INviteME – spatial awareness in times of a pandemic are both designs exploring the choreography of a pandemic which calls to subtle relational attention rather than calls to order. (INviteME also runs as an online version). 

Performed at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies Copenhagen, DOKK1 Århus, and The Lab Station (2020).

Both pieces are developed by Dorte Bjerre Jensen in collaboration with the EER project (a project between Aarhus University and Studio Olafur Eliasson). 
Learn more of Greeting Cards and INviteME here.
Sharing Perspectives
The performative score Sharing Perspectives brings forth shared intimacies by exploring questions such as: How do you notice what you are noticing? How does it feel to move with the speed of your attention? What does it mean to gradually begin to sense how your body is adapting, sculpting, and drawing attention to how much weight you are were pouring into the supportive surfaces? 
What does it mean to pay attention to the space between our moving sensing bodies?

“Participant A: It was beautiful. It was like discovering secrets somehow. Looking at things that you – I mean the same place, same time, same everything, but looking into things that you wouldn’t discover by yourself. It was like somebody telling you a secret, it was that feeling.

Participant B: Yeah, it’s a very intimate feeling. So I was paying a lot of attention to your body-language as well, and trying to, even when we were walking, walk like you. And after having shared the first perspective, where somehow, I had this mix of my own perspective that I would share with you, and the anticipation, kind of almost exited to know that you would then say ‘Oh, you found this too but the other way around.’ (…) So that intensity between your body and my body and the border between us, and this audience, I felt very exposed there. It felt very intimate.

Participant A: Yeah, that is one of the things that I felt comfortable playing with. How your body attends to other people’s bodies. And the first time that I stayed there, some people started staying at the other side of the curtain looking at me. Like doing this thing, it was fascinating.” 

Developed by Dorte Bjerre Jensen and performed at the Tate Moderne London in connection to the Olafur Eliasson exhibition ‘In Real Life’. Art that enhances the experience of art!
Learn more of Sharing Perspectives here

Body Mosaic – Poetry in Motion

Dorte Bjerre Jensen as dancer in the performance by Maya Wuytack.

Moma Tbilisi, Georgia.


Other productions

The ART of a sensing moving body. Performance, dance, creation. MoMA Tbilisi, Georgia.  

Stretching the moment.  Performance, improvisation. Art Prical Place, Kiev, Ukraine. 

Between The Lines. A performance duet with artist Leonardo Lambruschini. Testrup Højskole, DK. 

My purple skinand Touch, I remember Touch. Performance, dance, creation. The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Deadweight. Performance by Dorte Bjerre Jensen & Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg. KU.BE. Festivalen Resonans, Frederiksberg.  

Living Purple, and ME. Dance, creation. Arken Museum of Modern Art, DK.

You’ll come, and we’ll show you what we do. An experimental exploration and research of CI as an art form and as a live art installation. Dancer and co-creator. The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

Dance and Conflict. Dancer and co-creator. The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta. 

Pitch; a study on the materiality of conflict. Workshops, labs, performances and the making of the short movie Director: Charlie Morrissey. 

Carlsberg, Boblehallen, Copenhagen Dreamhouse. DK. Dancer and performer: Ouagadougou Danser.Copenhagen Dreamhouse and Compagnie Les Voi du Sable et des Glace. 

Copenhagen Dreamhouse, Copenhagen,DK. Dancer, performer: Sufi Science – Part one

Copenhagen Dream House, Copenhagen,DK. Performer: Battle of Copenhagen

Kunstskibet Pananga Pearl, Live Art, Helsingør, DK Dancer: Helsing Øre+Øjne, Live art installations, dance/performance. 

METROPOLIS, Copenhagen, DK, Dancer and performer: Submarine Ballet, International performance art festival.